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Moving the Blog to GitHub

I’ve decided to move my blog to GitHub temporary. Because I miss the time to maintain the underlying infrastructure and make the changes that, I feel, are necessary to remain in a good state.


This is my first post composed on my phone. It took some time to get here, but it’s finally done!

Thinking Ahead

I did not manage to publish a post the recent days, and I’m wondering why.


Hey everyone, unfortunate I turn sick. Last week some relative turn sick and some day later the next one.

About Technology

Many years ago, I moved to my first flat for my schooling.

Clean Up

In the last days I had to go through my older posts.

Hugo Youtube Shortcode

For my series on kernel exploitation[0] I need to embed a YouTube video.


Today was a quite busy day with minor things. I’ve fixed the Hugo related things and updated the contact page to be reachable again.

Fix Mathjs in Hugo

With the change to shortcodes, Hugo seemed to have drop support for inline HTML code in markdown.

The defining narrative

In this post[0], I wanted to think about feedback. While I was writing on it, I notice how I was slowly drifting.