30 May 2016

to hugo
My trouble on the way to a new blogging software: I wanted to blog more, but an update of some ruby broke my blog…. So i try something new, bug it should be a statice website genrator After some searching I found this website: https://www.staticgen.com/ I found some useful blog entrys. Hugo is quite the same as jekelly, but with go developed. The blog entry makes a quite nice impression, so I’ll give it a try: the installation in archlinux is quite simple: yaourt hugo The quickstart Video is very well done.

09 Mar 2016

Problem with Ruby
Since some time now, I can’t write blog entries. Not because I don’t want to, but rather because the blog software has some issues. I’m the host to a archlinux user group. For this I had to create a website. While I like octopress, it turns out to be a wrapper around jekyll. So I was thinking: Why not using it directly? So I started to use jekyll. I set it up and everything seems great.

09 Mar 2016

What opensource means for me
For me open source is about collaboration, independences and freedom. My intellectual freedom, that knowledge doesn’t belong to anyone but all of us. It allows us to lean and gain a more depth of understanding. It has also a economically side to this. Open source is the way I make my living. What does this mean? There is often a problem that need to be solved and some have already solved it.

26 Feb 2016

My failure with users
Failure of an technical guys,a retrospective. Since last April I started to attend the university. It all began with an introduction week. A get tougher of everyone who was new to this main subject. Some games to get to know each other. One session was to find a tool everyone agreed to use. One of my wishes was not to use any services like Google or Facebook. Most of them agreed and I proposed to use a owncloud.

23 Feb 2016

That's why it's called bleeding
Why bleeding edge is sometimes bad! I had a problem a while ago with my archlinux and it was necessary to get the latest kernel from testing. In general arch takes some days to week to push the upstream kernel into the main repository. Since then I had the testing repository enabled. Not minding it, till this one night. I fetched an update and after a quick look something was strange.

22 Feb 2016

writing ahead!
The intention of this blog was in the beginning to have some sort of documentation. Yet I not managed to really keep up with this. Many reasons can be phrased why I didn’t did it. Time, focus,lack of motivation. But somehow I have develop a anxiety of making mistakes in my texts. Something that’s is frighten and stop me for publishing entries. Using any kind of argument to not do it.

08 Mar 2015

Some work about Privacy
During these days I have did some research in regards to privacy and reflected. This is done so I’m able to get a better view of this topic. Privacy is something complex and one thing maybe very close to be foundation of our own freedom. There are four core elements to this: The right to be left alone This is from my point of view the most important part. The physical right to be left alone and to be away from others.

18 Feb 2015

Something on my mind
There is something on my mind for a while: Encryption is a expression of free speech? I think so atleast

10 Jan 2015

[ArchLinux]random MAC-address for new wireless connections
I used to travel more over the past year. Goal was different places: England, Belgian. This means I also have to use untrusted wireless connection. This leaves a good trace wherever you go. Simply by the fact that the MAC-Address being used every time you do a connection to any wlan. This is often stored, but How long? There are good example where this information is begin havest for money. Beside, You never know who else listen and might want uses this data.

01 Jan 2015

New year
Happy new year everyone! Sorry for posting so few here, I had some things to do. I know: ‘not enough discipline’ Also not enough time. But I hope to do some more work in the next days. NO, Not new years revolution. Just I’ll work fewer hours. So there will be more time for this blog. so far and good start into the next year. Akendo