Welcome to my humble blog! This is the overview of all current posts in a unsorted fashion.

Kernel Exploitation Intro

One of my plans was to learn about security[0]. My ToDo list is massively full of different topics I want to put some attention on.

Review CW4

This week the first difficulties in writing every arise. Basically, I’m missing the necessary time to get things done.

The defining narrative

In this post[0], I wanted to think about feedback. While I was writing on it, I notice how I was slowly drifting.

Set a new posts in Hugo to draft

I put all the posts by default draft mode. This is done by having an archtype[0] document.

a learning mindset

In the recent days, I’ve got some neat feedback about some posts and I must say that I love it.


You’re at a party, talking to your friends and feeling comfortably at first.

Review CW3

Yesterday was the first day I did not push a blog post because, I took a break.


I’m a big rust[0] fan. It is difficult to argue why, but most likely because of feels quite alright.

Updated Tags

Today is going to be a short one: Instead of writing much, I’ve updated the tags and categories for the blog.

Generic Software is an attack avenue

As you may or may not know, one quite big hack went through the media lately, Solar Wind[0][1].