A missing Symbol

Lately, I’m trying to move away from X to Wayland. I use KDE for this and it seems to be almost possible. The only issues that I need to resolve is the configuration of multiple monitors. Wit the classic X server this can be done with the tool: xrandr or the KDE display tool. However, in Wayland there is no central tool like xrandr to configure monitors resolutions. As it seems, the Wayland protocol does not intend this.

Archtypes in Hugo

I’m using hugo for some time now. However, one aspect of hugo was always a problem for me: Creating new posts with hugo new. This command will generate a new file with a minimal amount of meta-information necessary for a post. That’s the information above the written content like the title or the date. It also contains the option by default that the post is a draft. I wanted to modify this behaviour for some time now.