Securing Hardware with Coreboot

Table of Contents Securing Hardware with Coreboot Table of Contents Introduction Why do we trust a system? Backdoor-Capabilities in Hardware Modelling a Threat Threat Model Model of a Laptop Enhance of the TM UEFI History BIOS Operating Modes Real Mode Protected Mode Virtual-8086 Mode System Management Mode Long Mode Boot process Boot Loader UEFI Architecture Flaws in UEFI and Secure Boot Secure Boot Revised Threat Mode Conclusion Introduction A laptop is sent in for an audit.

A missing Symbol

Lately, I’m trying to move away from X to Wayland. I use KDE for this and it seems to be almost possible. The only issues that I need to resolve is the configuration of multiple monitors. Wit the classic X server this can be done with the tool: xrandr or the KDE display tool. However, in Wayland there is no central tool like xrandr to configure monitors resolutions. As it seems, the Wayland protocol does not intend this.