Welcome to my humble blog! This is the overview of all current posts in a unsorted fashion.

Let's Encrypt and IPv6

On one of my domains I had the following error message when trying to renew the Let’s Encrypt (LE) Certificate:

Power Recording

This is a follow up post for my PV. One thing that was important to me when installing the Solar-Panel was to know how much energy was generated.


In the last days I’ve been fighting with nftables. nftables is the next generation part for package filtering within the kernel space.

Review CW-2

The first week of January is completed and as every week I review what went on.


What makes a decision a good one? What makes it a bad one?

Photo Voltaic

Since my youngest days I’m fascinated by PV-panels, Photo Voltaic or simple solar panel.

Task Warrior Recurrence

Today this is going to be a short one: I was fighting with my Task Warrior to create recurrence tasks.

Fear of Publishing

As a follow up of my yesterdays post I’ve created a new mail account for this very blog: blog@akendo.

Feedback Channels

Feedback is something we all seek for, but almost all are lacking, this blog is no exception.


Yesterday, I had a intense conversation about the topic of hecticness.