Welcome to my humble blog! This is the overview of all current posts in a unsorted fashion.

LineageOS update

I’ve updated my Android phone and wanted to adde some note about to it.

Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a merry Christmas! Best regards, akendo


In past days, we had a lot of discussion about the subject of suffering.

What I Have Learned Today

Today, I have learned that we humans fall prey to ‘directionally motivated reasoning’.


Recently, I noticed a pattern in my own behaviour and I like the insight about this here.


Did you ever felt like that you’re not getting anything done?

Grep binary

Short note: One of my script that uses grep broken down in the last week:

Log4Shell part two

I did not have much time to get to the log4j exploitation part.


Okay, at this point you already have heard of the new hot shit in the infosec: Log4shell or CVE-2021-44228.

Hugo Drafts

One thing that turn a bit of a show stop is the hugo server, there were some changes made in hugo that breaks my template, I guess.