Archtypes in Hugo

I’m using hugo for some time now. However, one aspect of hugo was always a problem for me: Creating new posts with hugo new. This command will generate a new file with a minimal amount of meta-information necessary for a post. That’s the information above the written content like the title or the date. It also contains the option by default that the post is a draft. I wanted to modify this behaviour for some time now.

What I Have Learned Today

Today, I have learned that the ‘Carbon’ Daemon of graphite is not able to handle encryption for incoming data. This implies, that you are not able to secure your data over untrustworthy networks. While I like graphite a lot, this is a bad thing. The workaround for this issues is the usage of stunnel As an alternative the Prometheus might be an option. But in the moment the tool seems a but more complex than graphite.