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03.07.2021 - link drop

‘Hidden Property Abusing’ Allows Attacks on Node.js … Abusing Hidden Properties to Attack the Node.

28.06.2021 - link drop

Selfish vs. Selfless: Self-Promotion in Communities - The Bootstrapped Founder I wish I could write this well | RoyalSloth

14.06.2021 - link drop

What is two-way TLS?. TLS and its predecessor, SSL are… | by Ben Pournader | Medium

11.06.2021 - link drop

(DE)Golem.de: IT-News für Profis GitLab.org / security-products / analyzers / fuzzers / Jsfuzz · GitLab Analysis of HSTS Caches of Different Browsers – Insinuator.

Postgresql User Login

For the Hedgedoc migration, I had to create a new role and forgot to add the necessary permissions to allow this role to login.

Cryptographic Agility

Today, I’ve learned that there is something like a Cryptographic Agility.


This is my first post composed on my phone. It took some time to get here, but it’s finally done!

30.05.2021 - link drop

The benefits of note-taking by hand - BBC Worklife A writing tip I learned at Oxford - Timber’s Newsletter


Since two weeks, I’m back at work and boy the first weeks were quite hectic.

07.05.2021 - link drop

This Week in Rust 388 · This Week in Rust RIP config.