Welcome to my humble blog! This is the overview of all current posts in a unsorted fashion.

Review CW07

This week was the worst in terms of writing. This is to the fact, that I had to care for someone and wasn’t able to take the time I needed for writing.

17.02.2021 - link drop

How I Made a Self-Quoting Tweet

About Technology

Many years ago, I moved to my first flat for my schooling.

MediaWiki Docker[part two]

This is part two of my Media Wiki documenation[0]. It has been a while since I’ve looked at this matter, but I planed it to progrss for this.

Review CW06

Oh, boy this was a troublesome week. I quite got lost in clean up and some rather emotional topics.

13.02.2021 - link drop

Writing English as a Second Language

Clean Up

In the last days I had to go through my older posts.

Use qrcodes for wifi

A while ago I saw a nice Tweet on how to create QR codes from the command shell.

Hugo Youtube Shortcode

For my series on kernel exploitation[0] I need to embed a YouTube video.

Kernel Exploitation Part Four

This post is the fourth part of my notes from the lecture about kernel exploitation of pwn.