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14.10.2019 - link drop

Psychology: Why boredom is bad… and good for you - BBC Future How a daily 10-minute exercise could boost your happiness - BBC Future What Happens to Your Body on No Sleep | Outside Online Vom Umgang mit Sicherheitslücken | c't Magazin python - What is the difference between shallow copy, deepcopy and normal assignment operation?

What I Have Learned

Today, I have learned that when you enforce tidiness upon people, their will not be more effective or the opposite they become ineffective.

29.09.2019 - link drop

My Childhood Schooling In The Soviet Union Was Better Than My Kids’ In U.

25.09.2019 - link drop

The Concept of Concept Creep - .Psychology today

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GitHub - drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide: Guide to securing and improving privacy on macOS OS X Hardening BBC - Future - Why we believe fake news

02.09.2019 - link drop

You 2.0: Deep Work

01.09.2019 - link drop

Now You See It… - TOCTOU Attacks Against BootGuard Ich denkender Körper | Telepolis Breaking Through Another Side: Bypassing Firmware Security Boundaries

28.08.2019 - link drop

Ramblings from Jessie: For the Love of Pipes

26.08.2019 - link drop

Should small Rust structs be passed by-copy or by-borrow?

24.08.2019 - link drop

Abstraction without overhead: traits in Rust | Rust Blog