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23.08.2019 - link drop

BBC - Future - Eight ways to curb your procrastination Zero Cost Abstractions

17.08.2019 - link drop

BBC - Future - The surprising benefits of being blinded by love

15.08.2019 - link drop

DEF CON 23 - Jose Selvi - Breaking SSL Using Time Synchronisation Attacks NTPsec

13.08.2019 - link drop

Talk about unintended consequences: GDPR is an identity thief’s dream ticket to Europeans’ data • The Register

12.08.2019 - link drop

Inside the Apple T2 Open Sourcing the Kubernetes Security Audit - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

09.08.2019 - link drop

The Death of Social Reciprocity in the Era of Digital Distraction - Scientific American Blog Network The Rule Of 2 Chris’s Wiki :: blog/unix/NoSwapConsequence You 2.

27.07.2019 - link drop

How to pick a random number from 1-10 It’s Time for Some Queueing Theory

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23.07.2019 - link drop

Vim anti-patterns | Arabesque Mitigations Against Adversarial Attacks | News from the Lab Trying to deploy WPA3 on my home network