This is my first post composed on my phone. It took some time to get here, but it’s finally done!

The process is just odd at the moment. I’m using vim on an Android, which doesn’t seem to be the intended way, but it is working!

The deployment chain isn’t ready yet, meaning that the deployment is still done from hand., however, having the phone able to access the blog sources seems to be the best way to get things more written. Hugo does have a native Android app and doesn’t work on the phone and this adds a bit of complexity at the moment. I’ve installed Termux, that support all the tools I need to keep blogging locally.

This way I can run Hugo, check the written text and push to git. Android supports tools for git and editing, but the overall process is just bad to get done in Android.

My overall impression is that Android dislikes you to have various application working on the same data. I might be wrong, but using Android this way is just painful.

It is sad to see, that running a terminal emulation with bash is the beat tool…my needs are most likely just special…

Howsoever, I hope to get more writing done for the blog.

So far, akendo