Thinking Ahead

I did not manage to publish a post the recent days, and I’m wondering why. It might be a problem with my planning. I notice, that I often do not plan much ahead when it comes to blogging.

My process relies on having a fixed point of time when I start to work on something. Often things are written as I go. I guess the first problem is abstraction. Because to write something including to have a sense or direction where something should go. Planing includes to distingué between the intent and the abstraction.

Handling abstraction is always more effort for planning. Because it requires attentiveness to get it right. When you say: I’m planning to write about Rust. It does not include a specific topic, instead, it might be everything that relates to it. When my planning is that ambiguously it might be not that effective.

At this moment I have to put the abstraction into the moment and deal with it when the moment arises. This fosters the problem when you’re in a low-energy state you won’t do it. When you spend then entry day busy with something you do not have the energy to decide what you’re going to write about.

Planning means to take a decision and define exactly what’s the matter is. But that means to cope with a complexity before it arises. I guess here is a problem of mine. The scope of what I try to do or express grows. There are more complexity that for what I’ve planned, and suddenly you’re in need to adapt on the fly.

Now here comes a question: Do you stick to the plan or do you adapt?