Offensive Conference day one

I’ve attend the Offensive Conference 2019 in Berlin. A in-depth technical security conference.

Book:"Click Here to Kill Everybody"

Bruce Schneier has published another Book with the title: “Click Here to Kill Everybody”.

Android Multi User

Just on a quick note: Android have a ‘multiple’ User features.

Texts about me

Some weeks or maybe months ago, my boss from Port Zero asked me to compose a small text about myself.

Controlling windows in X with wmctrl

Restarting a computer sucks. You have to typing in passwords, starting your windows manager, get all your default applications going and so on.

Vagrant workshop

I created a workshop for Vagrant.

Some notes about the Stack

Before I begin, we need to clarify what a stack is first.

TinyTiny RSS

RIP Google RSS This Post is long time over do. I once was a heavy user of the Google Reader, a RSS feed reader, developed by Google.

Thunderbird Timestamp

Thunderbird has a American style for tracking dates and clocks. I dislike this format, because I tend to mix the times up.

Happy new year 2018

Happy new year everyone! best regards akendo