Review CW16

This post is a bit late, however, better than missed out. It is a reflection about the last week.

So what went wrong in the past two weeks? I didn’t had the time and motivation for writing. The problem is that when you care for someone else, you do not have the mind to take the time to blog. While some time spots occurs that might allow doing so, you rather spend the time for restoration. However, what I was able to post in this week make me happy. I’ve skipped one review or rather kept it to a bare minimal.

One important detail: This marks my 80th post1! That’s quite nice. In the coming weeks, I’m going to work again and wouldn’t have as much time as planned. The first week at work might be still relaxed enough to me, but with 20 posts left to go for this challenged, I’m not sure how well I’m able to post in the coming weeks.

To cope, i’ve tried to reduce the effort for each post. Instead of spending hours in rewriting paragraphs, I just pushed them post out. This feels odd, however, putting posts out with the idea that you have limited amount of time, help to train for the everyday reality. Funny, this posts takes already more than one hour of time in the making…

I wrote about the PV panel and Grafana, I made a side-step to write about Netstat, include the big problem of the TCP_WAIT state. These were a huge topic for me, because I’ve worked on the for a long time on them. They have been in the backlog to write about this for a long time too. When I’m finished with the smaller posts, I might create a bigger post with all these posts summaries to a single one. Also, I’m going to rewrite some paragraphs as well I think, but that’s music for later.

I really want to get back to do more for my blog, however, I was met with some odd problem with some migrated services. For some reason the Task Warrior Server (taskd) wasn’t working. Besides, I’m going to the first work related meetings in this week, hence, time that was planned for blogging will go into work instead.

Today, I’m going to plan what I might write into the blog.

  1. PV: Writing about my adjustments to the Python program to get the data from the smart Plug into my Grafana server
  2. CI/CD and nftable : issues when running a Site-to-Site VPN with the routing
  3. I’ve try to write about a bug I had some years ago with the netrc and Ansible
  4. Some though about fear in our society
  5. My extended usage of graphite
  6. The idea of cognitive entrenchment

It is safe for me to assume, that I won’t able to get them out by then of this week, however, I think this add direction what I’m going to write about. Some of them might be worth splitting up.

For the topic in regard to the kernel exploitation, I need some time to go through the material and start to make some notes. The next chapter is about creating an environment, so whenever I have some time to spare, I might do this.

So far, akendo

  1. Technically, this is the 82st post. ↩︎