Grafana Part2 - waiting sockets

So the next step was to write a simple loop in bash and get every second the data.

Review CW14

This last week was suffered the typical post-easter slowness. It takes some time to get back to business as usually.


This is a follow-up post for my PV and Power Recording.

Filtering in rust

In the past days, I’ve been busy with the migration of my old server.

Review CW13

Happy Easter everyone! The past week was rather low in activity due to my health and the health of other around.


Yesterday, I wrote about a conflict with a friend and I like to reflect a bit on.

Cold Two

Here is a status update: In the last days, I’ve been stay getting healthier and while my physical form became ready, mentally I felt not well enough to write until today.


Hey everyone, unfortunate I turn sick. Last week some relative turn sick and some day later the next one.


Pineview is back online! After some fighting with the routing I got part of my services back online.

Check Ins

Some years ago, a friend of mine went to the Recurse Center[0] in New York.