Today, my bike was stolen. Technically, it was stolen some time ago, but I just learned about it today. It feels like it is likely my own fault. Some time ago I notices, that I forgot to lock the bike correctly. Be more careful next time I told myself. Seems like it didn’t work.

But this post is not to cry about someones misdeed, instead, it should be a act of farewall. It was a good bike, one that has carried me day in day out from one part of town to another.

It carried me through my time at university and somehow, somewhen I grow up with it. For seven years I biked it and boy did many things broke. I do not know often I had to replace the tires. They broken often and at the worst time. In middle of the way to work with no repair shop for the next 10 Km? Next was the chain that was worn down quickly. For once because it was used each time of the year and second it was outside for that the time as well.

When I started to work I had a workshop with some oversized posters. Because I needed it the next day, I picked them up by bike. The problem was that parts of the posters where on different locations, hence, I transported them. Imaging having three to five oversized posters, some clipped onto the bicycle rack, but barley stable and the remain carried by hand. Every now and then I had to stop to re-adjust not to lost anything. But my bike carried it disregard.

So, goodbye my bike. Thank you for the great time!