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Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone! With this post, I’ve finished the last post of my 100daystooffload!

Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a merry Christmas! Best regards, akendo


In past days, we had a lot of discussion about the subject of suffering.


Recently, I noticed a pattern in my own behaviour and I like the insight about this here.


Did you ever felt like that you’re not getting anything done?

Hugo Drafts

One thing that turn a bit of a show stop is the hugo server, there were some changes made in hugo that breaks my template, I guess.


Today, my bike was stolen. Technically, it was stolen some time ago, but I just learned about it today.


This is kind of my first blog post in ages. Technically, I’ve composed some more in between, however, much of them were really just halfhearted.

Vacation Time

Currently, I stayed put. Over the course of the last months I’ve been very busy.

About documentation

This blog was created with the idea in mind to documented.