I’ve created a docker-compose.yml file for to run draw.io: draw: restart: always image: fjudith/drawio ports: - "${IP_ADDRESS}8180:8080" depends_on: - nginx-proxy environment: - VIRTUAL_HOST=draw,draw.


In my understanding, talent does not matter. Most people who do a thing do not have any of it.

Almost 100 Days of writing

To the beginning of this year I’ve decided to write more for this blog and since then, the end of 2021 is coming to a close.


Today, my bike was stolen. Technically, it was stolen some time ago, but I just learned about it today.


This is kind of my first blog post in ages. Technically, I’ve composed some more in between, however, much of them were really just halfhearted.

[Task Warrior]Setting a custom time range for the timesheet report

I’m using the task warrior report function called timesheet. It will return a list of done tast of the past weeks.

Postgresql User Login

For the Hedgedoc migration, I had to create a new role and forgot to add the necessary permissions to allow this role to login.

Cryptographic Agility

Today, I’ve learned that there is something like a Cryptographic Agility.


This is my first post composed on my phone. It took some time to get here, but it’s finally done!


Since two weeks, I’m back at work and boy the first weeks were quite hectic.