Docker build does not build or very slow

When you’re running a docker build command and it takes forever to build, you might have to check for the context of your buildfile.

Vacation Time

Currently, I stayed put. Over the course of the last months I’ve been very busy.

Run nmap without root privileges

Currently, I have to run a lot of Nmap a network scanner for a client.

Calendar sync via command line

I’m currently revising how I’m using my tools and try to removed distractions.

Edit binaries with vim

It is possible to edit binary files with vim. For this, you open the file with the option -b and run internal :%!

About documentation

This blog was created with the idea in mind to documented.

Writing ahead

A Happy new year everyone, this is a late one! I have a bit of an announcement to make: There will be more blog posts!

Merry Christmas 2019

I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

docker-compose handling circular dependency

In docker-compose files you can have different keywords to indicate run time dependency.

Dealing with distraction

For the first time in ages, my Firefox does not have any open tabs.