Since two weeks, I’m back at work and boy the first weeks were quite hectic. I was involved in help some security incidents and that required my fullest of my attention. Afterwards, I wasn’t much in the mood to write.

For once, that related to the fact that much of the work was quite reactive, but also because you need to find a way to cope with the different amount of time that is at your disposal. One of the cases was a ransom attack and in my view these things are just nasty. You’ll be pressured to pay, and they use any trick in the book to get you to comply. But the worst part is, that there are groups who just not care enough to ensure that the data are decryptable. Making the choice to comply even more difficult.

There is a bit of a fun thing: some ransom groups seems to have an odd ethics code. Whenever they learn who the victim is, and it includes doctors or medicine they kind of put down the ransom quite by lot.

Nevertheless, you still need to handle the technical reality and being confronted to help someone to get his data back and to commend him what to do makes things quite different. The real work lies in the people and not in the technical systems.

It becomes even worse, when the few technical people around the person effect of it, are not willing to help. Kicking others ass to do get the work done isn’t part of my job.

At the end of the day you just everything going. You do not take the time anymore take care for more trivial things and let much of your daily routing come to a halt. Whenever things change more drastically in my life, much of my habits go down, and it takes a few weeks to get back in to the habit zone.

So far, akendo