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21.02.2018 Linkdrop

Another funny link I got: http://blog.robertelder.org/switch-statements-statement-expressions/ About validate syntax of a case statement that can be abused to make code unreadable https://github.

link drop

Another list of link I read today ;-): https://gravityandlevity.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/your-body-wasnt-built-to-last-a-lesson-from-human-mortality-rates/ How the age is affecting our mortality.

link drop

Here a list of link I read today: https://jods.mitpress.mit.edu/pub/issue3-brand The idea is to have a layered concecpt of time.

Happy new year 2018

Happy new year everyone! best regards akendo

Merry Xmas

A late Merry “Insert your seasonal remainder in here___". A happy new year!

Design update

I changed some aspects of the blog design. Most notably is the change of the font.

Snapper clean up

A while ago I did a btrfs migration that includes the usage of snapper.


Let's cyber! There is some cyber in my blog! cyber… what?

btrfs migration

Migration to btrfs As some of you might know, it take me often quite some time to get things done.


Currently I'm looking for a topic to write a thesis about.