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27.02.2019 - link drop

7 Practical Facts about the Human Brain I wish Everyone Knew - Leo Widrich - One of the best text in regards to emotion an neurosince I’ve read in a while

Offensive Conference day two

[Updated Analysis of PatchGuard on Windows RS4: Is the Mouse Finally Caught?

Offensive Conference day one

I’ve attend the Offensive Conference 2019 in Berlin. A in-depth technical security conference.

02.02.2019 - link drop

Some news from my stack: The Alarming Decline of Quality, Youth Playtime - I can’t tell much to this.

20.01.2019 - link drop

Another day, another link: Cloud Irregular: The Creeping IT Apocalypse

18.01.2019 - link drop

Just a single post so far: Still in love with Rust

15.01.2019 - link drop

The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting

14.01.2019 - link drop

Another set of links: Their pain is real – and for patients with mystery illnesses, help is coming from an unexpected source A look at home routers, and a surprising bug in Linux/MIPS what is consciousness Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?

09.01.2019 - link drop

Here are my link drops for today. I’ve not shared any links in a while.

Book:"Click Here to Kill Everybody"

Bruce Schneier has published another Book with the title: “Click Here to Kill Everybody”.