Welcome to my humble blog! This is the overview of all current posts in a unsorted fashion.

TinyTiny RSS

RIP Google RSS This Post is long time over do. I once was a heavy user of the Google Reader, a RSS feed reader, developed by Google.

02.03.2018 Linkdrop

Some nerdy thing to share: https://nautil.us/blog/-i-built-a-stable-planetary-system-with-416-planets-in-the-habitable-zone the Ultimate Solar Systems ;-) http://review.

Thunderbird Timestamp

Thunderbird has a American style for tracking dates and clocks. I dislike this format, because I tend to mix the times up.

21.02.2018 Linkdrop

Another funny link I got: http://blog.robertelder.org/switch-statements-statement-expressions/ About validate syntax of a case statement that can be abused to make code unreadable https://github.

link drop

Another list of link I read today ;-): https://gravityandlevity.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/your-body-wasnt-built-to-last-a-lesson-from-human-mortality-rates/ How the age is affecting our mortality.

link drop

Here a list of link I read today: https://jods.mitpress.mit.edu/pub/issue3-brand The idea is to have a layered concecpt of time.

Happy new year 2018

Happy new year everyone! best regards akendo

Merry Xmas

A late Merry “Insert your seasonal remainder in here___". A happy new year!

Design update

I changed some aspects of the blog design. Most notably is the change of the font.

Snapper clean up

A while ago I did a btrfs migration that includes the usage of snapper.