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16.06.2019 - link drop

Attribution is not Transitive – Tribune Publishing Cyber Attack as a Case Study – Robert M. Lee Missing Link: Technologie-Rekuperation, oder: Wie subversive Technologien absorbiert werden | heise online AI “Stop Button” Problem - Computerphile - YouTube

Offensive Conference day two

Updated Analysis of PatchGuard on Windows RS4: Is the Mouse Finally Caught? by Luc Reginato Kernel patch protection (no one calls it this way). His diagram is over-simplfied. There are able to use static analysis. This talk is very in-depth and out of my domain of experience. PatchGuard consist of three components. It seems that there is only a 4% to occure. But it’s hard for me to make sense of this.

Offensive Conference day one

I’ve attend the Offensive Conference 2019 in Berlin. A in-depth technical security conference. What does in-depth imply? Exploit and technical talks with working exploits. You’re getting some stuff at entering On the following page I keep track of some notes: Talks I attend the first half of the presentations. One pattern I saw across was the heavy usage of fuzzer. Keynote: Alex Ionescu First talk was from a Alex Ionescu about reversing without reversing.

Using OpenWRT as Router

cheaper Router as a general problem Some years ago,I had a very cheap router. A TP-Link DIR 600. The router made my very unhappy. For several reasons. First, the software that was operating on the Router were very limited. How limited? I was able only to set a few firewall rules (DNAT for example) on my own. When I recall correctly, i wasn’t able to redirect any port. Second, the little insight to the devices I had.

News about the HipChat breach that confused me

This morning I got a info about a security breach at Atlassian. To be precise, HipChat. The “HipChat security notice”. The news page I was reading additionally pointed out a security vulnerability in Atlassians confluence. I got a chill in this moment. Somehow I got this wrong. I understood there would be a new vulnerability. Because of a bad Internet connection I wasn’t able to the entry article(just got the header).