Did you ever felt like that you’re not getting anything done? Like you’re missing the air to breathe? The space to move along? To many meetings, too much to do and too many things on your list. Due to other reason, I had to think about the subject of structure. I developed many routines about things. But here is my though: Did I develop a structure that blocks me from doing the things I want to?

For instance, I like to keep an overview of the news, podcasts and on so on that I’ve read. I put these in one way or the other into my documentation system.

Expect that this have the key problem, that I can’t process all the news I read over the course of a day. Causing me to process way more stuff than I can handle. So, I don’t do anything at all.

So, things pile up. Which is okay, so you have the next habit to cope with that. Which means; Write the things done you still want to process and do it eventually.

Expect that is never. So, I was stuck with the idea of keeping track of information, where the value of gratification is seldom. Sure, I had several occasions in which the process of this information become valuable, however, when I think about it, it is a pattern of the fear of missing out(FOMO).

Unlike the typical FOMO we know from social media, I think it is about the concern of missing out the validation people have when you know something. The fact that this information might be necessary later in time and this is the one information to be essential to be there and not knowing it causes me to lose control.

Reflection about this give me the impression that FOMO is not quite the things, but the closest feeling that might make it more understandable. Maybe it isn’t it become I rather seek for the information with it value and make a naive prediction into the future about disregards of the reality of it.

Disregards, it shows the problem with creating habits and/or structures without consider the second or third order implication of it. Foremost, that such habits often not scale well and the cost of time are often not foreseeable.

So far,