Yesterday, I had a intense conversation about the topic of hecticness. Meaning when a person becomes rushes into finishing a task or something.

The key take away is the following: We have tendency to avoid unpleasant things. Becoming hectic is a strategy of avoids, instead of focusing on doing it good, you choose to get done as fast as possible. This leads however to a decline in quality in any regards. This is a quite intense recognition to me. In learn therapy it is a sign of discomfort when the persons speeds up. But more it is a form of habit that is pick up implicitly.

Moreover what you should do instead is taking it more slowly, something very difficult. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on goals but on systems instead. A habit should therefor not be in place to make you more effective or help you to reach your goal. Instead it should be understood as a system in which reach your goal is an outcome of that very system. Meaning that the achievement one desires is rather a symptom of a good system not it’s destination. Obviously, you can’t generalise that all hectics are a representation of discomfort. When you’re stress because there is a time limit that perfectly normal, I guess.

But making the parallel to my difficulties to write are quite well paralleled. Writing was always something I assumed everyone is able to do perfectly fine and my struggle is only a reflection of my own inadequacy. So I’ve become hectic and try to be done as quick as possible. This triggered a negative feedback loop: Because I was rushed, I made mistakes, this mistakes were noticed and I receive the negative feedback that reinforcing my view of inadequacy in terms of writing.

Isn’t that a fantastic insight?

so far,