Feedback Channels

Feedback is something we all seek for, but almost all are lacking, this blog is no exception. To increase the chance of more of it, I’m thinking of adding additional channel of communication, for instance an new mail account, Reddit posts. In the moment I’m using only Twitter to allow some sort of commenting.

The reason I want more channels is that I think Twitter is a horrible platform for discussion. While it is great for feedback though. Because it does work well for smaller conversations with maybe two persons. Once the discussion grows it becomes rather complicated to keep track of it.

This relates to the problem that Twitter make is rather difficult to follow a moving discussion. Everyone is allows reply to any previous statement. Which might seem good for feedback, but for an interactive debate it causes the flow to break.

Even worse, people might create completely new discussion out of a responses that goes completely bananas while always having the original author in back, spamming him. That might seems senseful in the hope to focus on engagement, however, to me this seems absolutely unnatural in any discussion that is moving forward. But this are only my two cents to this matter and my views a obviously blindsided, because I do not use Twitter really that often for any form of discussion.

What I really want in end is to have meaningful discussions and while this is my intend I’m also very reluctant with any further communication channel, even Twitter. This is caused by my fear of publishing. I might have written about this before, but reducing the effort one has to take to provided feedback might also imply to read something negative.

But I do not want to be stuck on that mindset, instead I’m going to confront myself with the topic and open up.

so far,