About Habits

Habits are difficult to maintain, at least new ones. Everyone can related to this the one or the other way. With a habit a routine is implies that you do more than twice. However, the issue is doing the same routing over a longer period of time, why?

The answer I think might be quite simple: We want to feel good and we want to feel it now, however, there are many ways to get there. You ‘repair’ your emotions by watching some funny thing or view some videos. You take the shortest path to get there, why spend more effort than necessary?

In short there are things that feel more well for us than the habit we intend to do. Because in the beginning it’s not rewarding enough. The first days maybe, but after a while it turn into actual work and that where the first hard challenges to keep up arrives.

This might related to the time you have to spare, because you’re on holiday for instance. Once the time, motivation or environment changes and you’re back to the normal busy day where different topic take over you, are you going to resort back to the new habit? Will you make time for it what’s your plan?

This is where the problem kicks in, because something new is always related to conscious decision. But with decision fatiguety around the corner you only have so much capacity for something. On the end of the day you might skip it out to favor something you already know. That’s why I think the habit shouldn’t be a decision, instead it should be done when the timing is right until you feel good with it. For me this is in the beginning of a day.

But I already see some problem, it will be working well for properly two week, then I’m going to hit the first ‘wall’ where it becomes more and more work and I start to fall off. Let’s hope that I can keep up after that time.

so far,