Dealing with distraction

For the first time in ages, my Firefox does not have any open tabs. In fact, my Firefox window is closed currently.

Over the course of the last years, I accumulated tons of tabs in my web-browsers. Once in a while, another window was open to restarting the tab collection once more. All types of websites about Ideas, article or news that I wanted to read or had some kind of To-do that should follow.

Yet this behaviour focused my attention away from things that I wanted to do. Things that are more meaningful to me. However, packing oneself with distracting content is a common pattern many are affect of. Let’s be honest about this, after a day of work who does not want to feel nice and cosy. Sitting down on the Laptop, opening up YouTube and checking out some funny video is way more enjoyable then composing a blog article.

The issue becomes evident with the time, once the evening has past and you’ve started to watch the same jokes videos from ten years ago do you feel better? The answer might be for a short period, however, in many cases you don’t.

So I’ve decided to stop reading news, Twitter, Hacker News, stop watching nonsense on YouTube and what’s on my input feed. Articles I was able to read off my tabs and windows were placed into my flash posts. Articles that require additional time and attention are moved onto my List to Read and Watch. Therefore some of them going to show into my list of flash posts soon.

But already now, I can see how more and more time is freeing up from the constant stream of distractions. For example: The git repository of this blog was finally clean up, allowing it to be build everywhere. I’m working on a small CI to be able to create posts on my phone. Clean up the repository was a task for more than one year. Also, I was able to fix the cabling of my solar panel. So hell Yeaahr!

best regards, akendo