A missing Symbol

Lately, I’m trying to move away from X to Wayland. I use KDE for this and it seems to be almost possible. The only issues that I need to resolve is the configuration of multiple monitors. Wit the classic X server this can be done with the tool: xrandr or the KDE display tool.

However, in Wayland there is no central tool like xrandr to configure monitors resolutions. As it seems, the Wayland protocol does not intend this. Instead, a window should set it’s own size that it going to displayed at.

Because of this, I’m using the tool provided by KDE: kscreen-doctor. It allows to configure the Wayland display alike X. But, it works not completely
with Wayland. For example, I can configure the screens resolutions, but I can not rotate them. This might relate to the docking station that is connected with thunderbolt, what might cause this problem.

To validate that this issues was not working properly, I started the KDE display tool. Just to be hut with the following error message:

What the fuck? At this point I was recalling, to face this issues more often earlier. But, I never could found what’s the issue was. Google did not show any useful results and I was left with this bug. When archlinux is freshly installed, this issues isn’t showing on the same hardware. So it’s a problem of my installation.

I checked on the libkscreen and noticed something: I had the package libkscreen-git installed instead of the packages located in extra libkscreen.

Here comes a salute from the past. I’ve installed the libkscreen back when it was new and not yet in KDE. It offers some neat features and was very useful. However, the package was left installed and when KDE was upgrade to version 5 it became part of the standard.

At hint side, this make sense. The error message point to the fact that he’s missing symbols, a hint that there might be function missing or named differently. The fix is simple: install the right libkscreen package and your good!