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A missing Symbol

Lately, I’m trying to move away from X to Wayland. I use KDE for this and it seems to be almost possible. The only issues that I need to resolve is the configuration of multiple monitors. Wit the classic X server this can be done with the tool: xrandr or the KDE display tool. However, in Wayland there is no central tool like xrandr to configure monitors resolutions. As it seems, the Wayland protocol does not intend this.

What I Have Learned Today

Today, I have learned that the ‘Carbon’ Daemon of graphite is not able to handle encryption for incoming data. This implies, that you are not able to secure your data over untrustworthy networks. While I like graphite a lot, this is a bad thing. The workaround for this issues is the usage of stunnel As an alternative the Prometheus might be an option. But in the moment the tool seems a but more complex than graphite.