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Let's Encrypt and IPv6

On one of my domains I had the following error message when trying to renew the Let’s Encrypt (LE) Certificate:


In the last days I’ve been fighting with nftables. nftables is the next generation part for package filtering within the kernel space.

Task Warrior Recurrence

Today this is going to be a short one: I was fighting with my Task Warrior to create recurrence tasks.

TTRSS to Docker[Part two]

In the previous post we got a TinyTiny-RSS Feedreader running in a docker environment.

TTRSS to Docker

Some time ago I wrote about the TinyTiny RSS. I did shutdown the service in 2017 because the server it was running got de-provisioned.

Issue resolving locale hostnames

Since some days one of my laptop has the problem to resolve certain hostnames.

Docker build does not build or very slow

When you’re running a docker build command and it takes forever to build, you might have to check for the context of your buildfile.

26.02.2020 - link drop

Overview of Linux Kernel Security Features -

Calendar sync via command line

I’m currently revising how I’m using my tools and try to removed distractions.

Edit binaries with vim

It is possible to edit binary files with vim. For this, you open the file with the option -b and run internal :%!