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A missing Symbol

Lately, I’m trying to move away from X to Wayland. I use KDE for this and it seems to be almost possible. The only issues that I need to resolve is the configuration of multiple monitors. Wit the classic X server this can be done with the tool: xrandr or the KDE display tool. However, in Wayland there is no central tool like xrandr to configure monitors resolutions. As it seems, the Wayland protocol does not intend this.

Using OpenWRT as Router

cheaper Router as a general problem Some years ago,I had a very cheap router. A TP-Link DIR 600. The router made my very unhappy. For several reasons. First, the software that was operating on the Router were very limited. How limited? I was able only to set a few firewall rules (DNAT for example) on my own. When I recall correctly, i wasn’t able to redirect any port. Second, the little insight to the devices I had.

How to flash an ATmega8

For a class in my university, I have to flash a ATmega8 Chip. This is on a custom PCB including a own quartz, to allows the usage of a USB Port as interface instead of a classic ICSP. The chip will be registered to your PC as USB devices. On a Windows System you can use the Atmel Studio, to program it. It will create special a .hex file, including the compiled code of yours.