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Grep binary

Short note: One of my script that uses grep broken down in the last week:

Postgresql User Login

For the Hedgedoc migration, I had to create a new role and forgot to add the necessary permissions to allow this role to login.


To see how much people reading this blog I utilize goaccess[0].

MediaWiki Docker[part two]

This is part two of my Media Wiki documenation[0]. It has been a while since I’ve looked at this matter, but I planed it to progrss for this.

Use qrcodes for wifi

A while ago I saw a nice Tweet on how to create QR codes from the command shell.

Let's Encrypt and IPv6

On one of my domains I had the following error message when trying to renew the Let’s Encrypt (LE) Certificate:


In the last days I’ve been fighting with nftables. nftables is the next generation part for package filtering within the kernel space.

Task Warrior Recurrence

Today this is going to be a short one: I was fighting with my Task Warrior to create recurrence tasks.

TTRSS to Docker[Part two]

In the previous post we got a TinyTiny-RSS Feedreader running in a docker environment.

TTRSS to Docker

Some time ago I wrote about the TinyTiny RSS. I did shutdown the service in 2017 because the server it was running got de-provisioned.