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Hugo Drafts

One thing that turn a bit of a show stop is the hugo server, there were some changes made in hugo that breaks my template, I guess.

Hugo Youtube Shortcode

For my series on kernel exploitation[0] I need to embed a YouTube video.


Today was a quite busy day with minor things. I’ve fixed the Hugo related things and updated the contact page to be reachable again.

Fix Mathjs in Hugo

With the change to shortcodes, Hugo seemed to have drop support for inline HTML code in markdown.

Set a new posts in Hugo to draft

I put all the posts by default draft mode. This is done by having an archtype[0] document.

Updated Tags

Today is going to be a short one: Instead of writing much, I’ve updated the tags and categories for the blog.

Side notes about Hugo

Some additional notes about Hugo: I’ve changed the pagination of the main page.

Search with hugo

I’ve added a search function to the blog. I’ve been more often here and did some search of posts of my own.

Archtypes in Hugo

I’m using hugo for some time now. However, one aspect of hugo was always a problem for me: Creating new posts with hugo new.

Notes about Hugo

Hugo allows you to get very easy a new theme. Sometimes this new theme have some option you don’t want.