Review CW06

Oh, boy this was a troublesome week. I quite got lost in clean up and some rather emotional topics. But first things first:

In this week I’ve started to clean up much of the source files from the blog. This is necessary to the CI/CD. I did not have all the posts within git and there are still some files left. Things like images and some binary files. But I count this as a step forward here.

Based on the posts I’ve also changed the writing habit once more. Going to take some further adjustments, however, this is more plan out this week than the weeks before.

One other big factor is that I’m going to use LanguageTool instead of Grammarly. Grammarly is terrible for privacy and this is a big concern of mine. The last change is that I’m timeboxing the writing to 30 minutes. This is necessary to not get lost in writing and/or details.

so far, akendo