Writing ahead

A Happy new year everyone, this is a late one! I have a bit of an announcement to make: There will be more blog posts! I’m going to develop a better habit of writing thoughts and current topics in here.

The blog was created initially as a side project, but suffers from a leak of attention. Most posts do not have the quality to be published in my view and as I want everything to be perfect I often do not publish posts at all.

But the writing helps to gather thoughts and ideas about a topic and aids in becoming more focused about it and this is what matters more.

Until this point writing has been a very vulnerable process of mine. Sharing composed texts with others feels like sharing a part of me. A friend of mine phrased it as the following: The fear of publishing.

Even now it takes way more time than planed, it should have been a short post and I’m spending more than half an hour on this text…but writing is hard, isn’t it? However, many ideas and thoughts I had about a post could have been an immense help in the past, because it adds the power to talk about.

What’s next?

So what should be written in here?

I’m going to share some of my internal documentation composed over the last years. It’s mostly one or two lines of written text, however, it contributes a lot of value over time. On the other side, I’m going to write some more opinions and views I have.

How will this look like? There will be a blog post each week, published on every Monday of the week.

So far akendo