LineageOS update

I’ve updated my Android phone and wanted to adde some note about to it. When you migrated, make sure that your signal backups are working. I had several issues to restore the data. I might have missed one number or something. At least, I wasn’t able to restore my data.

The problem is that the newest version of Android isn’t able to update databases with its lock. The files are inconsistent between versions. Remove your passphrase and/or fingerprint for unlocking before. Otherwise, your display isn’t able to unlock properly. I had to delete the file and this caused Signal to turn bad. It noticed that this files has changed and therefor refuses to operated. It causes a trace, that points to some changes in the API.

locksettings clear --old xxxx

I’ve tried to unlock it via the adb shell access that I still had open. However, it wasn’t able to unlock it, even with the proper tool for it. Additionally, before you update your ROM, you should update the TWRP to the latest as well. It could occur that flashing of the newer ROM might go awry.

Otherwise, does Android 12 looks quite well.

so far,