Check Ins

Some years ago, a friend of mine went to the Recurse Center[0] in New York. When he returned and told us of all the crazy things. One particular thing was check-ins. When I remember correctly, it was an offered to the others a way to see what there are working on or with. This will be done by writing in short words, what there are working on. Nothing to crazy something like this:


*What will I do today*
 - Blogging
 - Automate Checkin 
 - Update Tyrorin
 - Cooking

This text will then be shared over some channel in Slack or Mattermost. The advantage of such a thing is, it provides a type of memory of what you have done when. This is especially great when you do pay work and can write down on the end of a month what was done to a particular day of the week.

Using Task Warrior to Check-in

The process for this is simple: Most of the given tasks are already written down in my Task Warrior. I will just tag a selected task in TW and then read them out. For TW exists a python library that allows to read the data. A quick look through the document and you got everything you need to filter by tags:

import tasklib
import datetime

tw = tasklib.TaskWarrior(data_location='~/.task', create=False)
checkins = tw.tasks.filter(status='pending', tags__contains=['CheckIn'])

print("*What will I do today*")

for task in checkins:
  print(" - " + str(task))

I sometimes forget, how easy it is to get something done in python. This will loop through all the tasks that have the tag and print them. Reducing the time to write the check considerably. I’ve integrated it with the bash script that handles the file creation. In the future might move this into the script, but for today that’s enough.

so far,