Design update

I changed some aspects of the blog design. Most notably is the change of the font. The default theme font is Source Code Pro. However, this font was created for reading source codes. I think that this font is not suitable for the main text of a blog. Especially, when I have an inline code block. Something I dislike.

Another change is the format of the dates. From a month-day-year to day.month.year. This format is more accustomed to me. Also, I changed the main page. Previously, the main page shows a list of the latest posts, including a summary for each listed post. Now, instead of the summary, the content of each post is displayed. All posts are licensed with a creative commons CC-BY now.

Later, I am goingt to rewrite posts and fix the hyperlinks. Many of my first posts are horribly written. A proper grammar check is necessary. I might change some aspects of the style sheet, too: Things like the background color and text alignment.

so far, Akendo