Task Warrior - Preventing duplicated recurrent tasks

Task Warrior Logo To keep track of my tasks I use a tool called Task Warrior. It’s a command line tools. Therefor a perfect fit for me.

Overview of task warrior

One issue that did arise: Recurrent tasks. Basically every task that need to re-run over a regular period of time.

The problem is when this type of task is synced onto different workstations. With taskd you can share all tasks betweens hosts.

So when the same tasks is recurrent, it will be created on each of the different workstation. All new task have a unique UUID. With this UUID taskwarriror ensures that tasks with the name can exists and don’t collide. This means that n many workstations will create n times the same recurrent task.

There is no way to create a single task over the n workstations. Task Warrior has no fix for this in the moment. Only a workaround: By setting following parameter in the .taskrc you can control the behavir of taskwarriror.


So you need to set the recurrence parameter to off on n - 1 workstations. Only a single remains allowed to create the recurrence tasks. This way you can make sure nothing gets messed up.

I got this workaround from Paul Beckingham’s Comment in the Jira of taskwarriror.

Anyway best regards Akendo