No iwlagn in Linux 3.2+

I  installed today the new Kernel 3.2 and didn't have any Wifi, that is related to some changes in the iwlagn divers. It have being rename to iwlwifi. I keep using a static Kernel for my Laptop and so i didn't enable the new driver automatically. My first idea was that the sys-kernel/linux-firmware has to be updated. But after short check on the Wifi devices everything was clear. No Devices was found with wlan0, so  i check the driver and a try of loading the related module iwlagn. After wounder some minutes i check on the old and the new kernel. The dirver seems to be the same, just the name has change.  i reanabled the new driver, re-compile the new kernel! Everything works normaly.   I check on the h-online and found this git diffs of the kernel.
Rename the iwlagn module as iwlwifi in preparation for future
changes.  Add an alias to iwlagn for backward compatibility.
Normaly there have to a an alias, but for static kernel the driver has to renable.   so far Akendo.  
Ubuntu Forum:"Confused between iwlwifi vs iwlagn" H-online:"Kernel Log Part 1 Network" H-online:"Kernel Log Minor gems"