What I Have Learned Today

Some written notes

Today, I have learned that when you define strict rules upon people it will cause them do distrust you and raises disstatisfaction. This is particaull a problem in IT-Security, because it is often necessary to narrowly define rules.

This is problem I’ve been affected of. Not in terms of IT-Security, but daily operations. When an incident was ’triggered’ by a folk from the development department because the platfrom we provided was shutdown by us operations people for maintaince. This maintaince was anounced from us before via e-mail, however, this developer did not read his mails. Therefore he escaled this to the upper management. Unfortunatedly, without consulting us before. But that’s matter of a different nature. The management responed with a ‘change mangement policy’ focing the operation team to subbit changes to a commited for review. THat was planed to be placed anyway, however, it feel dimitish to have such rule in place without being ask about. It created the impression, that we are to be distrusted.

Source: Hidden Brain - Our Better Angels: What We Lose When We Assume People Are Bad