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How I Made a Self-Quoting Tweet

Let's Encrypt and IPv6

On one of my domains I had the following error message when trying to renew the Let’s Encrypt (LE) Certificate:

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CSCP by Nsc42 Looking Back on the Spanish War | The Orwell Foundation I violated a code of conduct · fast.

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r2c blog — Exploiting dynamic rendering engines to take control of web apps GitHub - returntocorp/semgrep: Lightweight static analysis for many languages.

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How to contact Google SRE: Dropping a shell in cloud SQL – Offensi

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Ryzen 3000 & Navi Megathread | Level One Techs A better zip bomb

Securing Hardware with Coreboot

This document provides an overview about current state of security in the field of hardware firmware and try to address some of the issues with an open source solution called ’Coreboot’. With this thesis further issues of modern hardware will be explain.

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media.ccc.de -Type confusion: discovery, abuse, and protection Getting 2FA Right in 2019 | Trail of Bits Blog

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Attribution is not Transitive – Tribune Publishing Cyber Attack as a Case Study – Robert M.

Offensive Conference day two

[Updated Analysis of PatchGuard on Windows RS4: Is the Mouse Finally Caught?