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29.03.2021 - link drop

amd64 17.1 profiles are now stable – Gentoo Linux kernel config protects dmesg … which group membership allows access / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums Apt pinning, install and upgrade Debian packages selectively

KVM and I/O problems

KVM and Postgresql Problem: Slow I/O - with Software Raid 1 and LVM2. So we had some trouble with a Software Raid 1 and our KVM Virtual Machines, the writing and reading speed was just bad. But this was only  for paralle wirte/read requests. So doing single test like dd or even bonnie didn't show the problem.

MySQL to Postgresql

I dislike MySQL. I never did like it, since Oracle bought Sun it starting to become more then just disliking it. I prefer to work with Postgresql. I want to migrate some of my MySQL DB to Postgresql.

How to deploy wsgi with apache

Related to the previors Post, i hade now to apply from virtualenv to a apache webserver.

Enable remote access for PostgreSQL

Remote access to a Postgtres Database In the last days i have worked a lot with PostgreSQL.

rsync - the better scp

Regard this Post, i make this post. First: scp is great.


I'm currently moving our old svn repositories to git. There a lots of reason to do this.

How to monitor MonogoDB with Nagios

    I need some Monitoring for Nagios3 of my MongoDB.

Basic xserver on a vServer

For fetching some date, my Application need a xserver. The Problem is that it's running on VM.

Nginx with SSL

For a demo Application that has to be show in the Internet, we need a Scala Lift online.