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Moving the Blog to GitHub

I’ve decided to move my blog to GitHub temporary. Because I miss the time to maintain the underlying infrastructure and make the changes that, I feel, are necessary to remain in a good state.

An open reflection

Table of Contents What’s this about The background The problem My errors The solution The reflection The advise Conclusion What’s this about There are moments you’re left alone with a difficult task and everything seems to go wrong.

Problem with Ruby

Since some time now, I can’t write blog entries. Not because I don’t want to, but rather because the blog software has some issues.

MySQL to Postgresql

I dislike MySQL. I never did like it, since Oracle bought Sun it starting to become more then just disliking it. I prefer to work with Postgresql. I want to migrate some of my MySQL DB to Postgresql.

Update my Blog

I just updated my Blog. It's now move to my a host of my own.