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Skypetab-ng on Gentoo

Like a lots of people, i don't like skype but have to use it. For work and also a lots of friends. But the Skype GUI is very "feature"-less and gives sometimes hard times to deal with it. Thanks to skypetab-ng it get at least some "usability" . I tried to run this by Hand, but for some reason the Compile wasn't able to create a 32-bit library.I just found a nice Overlay for  Skypetab-ng, thanks to the Gentoo Forum!
To work with the Overlay, just add the rion overlay to your system:
layman -a rion
All what's left to do is a eix-sync and just install with emerge skypetab-ng
Sources: Gentoo Forums Post about Skypetabs
Overlay Webpage for Skypetabs-ng