Review CW14

This last week was suffered the typical post-easter slowness. It takes some time to get back to business as usually. Besides, of these, I also have difficulty in getting back into blogging at the moment. Not sure how I should get back into it, there is just much to be done.

Yet, I’m happy about the rust program I develop and that I manage to blog about. Also, the next post for rust is around the corner !

Short: Everything have moved on so slightly.

I made progress with the Grafana post, because I’m able to use the hackmd services again! The post there I split, also, it is a good cross posts for the PV topic, hence, it will also touch rust. Going through these post show me a lot of mistakes I’ve made and helped me to understand much more about things once more!

The Infrastructure is more in place. There are however other problems. My task warrior broke down, and I do not know why. Also, my VPN restarted suddenly, and I had to cope with my non-persistent nftable rules, again I learned more about nftable. So it helps to progress the nftables subject too.

In this week I’m going to be on the way, so I do not know how much time I have to blog while being on the road. But I guess I can return to the CI.

So far,