Cold Two

Here is a status update: In the last days, I’ve been stay getting healthier and while my physical form became ready, mentally I felt not well enough to write until today. There a several factors that contributed to it.

First the overall situation with COVID-19 is getting to me slowly. So far in my left I wasn’t affected that much, however, not able to travel to my family during Easter causes me stress. Making me sad. Also, when you’re limited in your energy, I have the impression, you’re more often prune to interpersonal conflict too. It was a peculiar moment where a simple question caused my friend to make a ‘drama’ and dragging me down. Drama is maybe not the right word, it was an enlightening conflict that teach me more about humans. But it showed me, that I quite often not understand human behavior or judgement. More often it shows me my inadequacies.

Another realization of a source of energy daring for me was that Twitter is just bad. Twitter forester often option clashing and while I enjoy have a direct link to many security researchers, the drama sounding the feeds are more than one can bear. People throw judgement statement at you with questionable perspectives and acting like are doing something good with it. It feels just hypocritical and once the source of drama has been subsided or coped with, the next whisper is right ahead. Causing distraction on every page of the feed. For the moment I decided to pause Twitter for my own sake. However, I might delete my account and replace the following via RSS or something.

Besides, not much has happened. I guess it is the mid-point break.