Review CW11

Currently, I’ve halted most of these project to favor to get my CI/CD back. In the last days most of the time I’ve had been spent on getting things going again. I have played with some ideas how to do it. Some of you have offered me their support of some type of replacing. Most offers turned out to be not well fit. However, I got some great idea how to replace pineview in the future with. But until I get the money I have to do with something smaller. A VM seems the best option for that time. Everything that I need locally will be put on a Raspberry Pi. I had the hopes up to use an old android phone, because it has more power. But the device flash turns bad. In this project failures are included by default here. ;-)

I predict, that I can be done until the end of the week. After that I’m going back to the normal blogging process, hopefully.

so far,

€dit: This post had a typo in the date field and was dated for the 212 of March. Lol