Review CW08

This week was the best so far. I finished up the kernel exploration and will move next week to the next chapter. I’ve found the time to work on the Rust subject. However, it is not the subject I wanted to write. However, as long as pineview is down I cannot access my hackmd instance where much of the post lies in. Instead, I wrote about my first program written in rust and how it will be improved. But I’ve learned much again and that make some happy:

nftable sufferers a bit at the moment, however, I was in such a good mode that I completed the kernel exploration at once. So hope to see here a bit more. Pineview on the other hand will be restored hopefully this week allow me to continue on the CI/CD more seriously. The next week I have not that time as this week, hence, my writing will be lowered. At this point, including this post, I have 46 posts made in this year! So, things are going well.

so far,