Restoring Pineview

Pineview was my old production server at home. It did run many services like git, and I planned to use it be part of my CI/CD. However, some weeks ago the storage controller broke down and the disk where partly not recognized. When it was, the controller did not read data correctly from the disk.

Yesterday, I’ve started to restore it I’m using an old laptop. It is a nice change because the CPU in that laptop is much stronger than the Atom one. Furthermore, it can utilize the SSD better. But the CPU only support 32-Bit and that causes trouble because some software I run, runs mainly on 64-Bit.

What software? You might be surprised: docker and here is the thing. Technically, you have 32-bit support. For instance, Debian have 32-bit port, however, only few upstream docker repository do support 32-Bit natively. When you try to fetch an image chances are high that you’re not getting an image that was built for 32-bit. This makes the entry docker for 32-bit broken.

I’ve tried to port some container manual with a 32-bit base image, but even then I got the follow error message:

standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused "exec format error"

But this makes the restoring process difficult. I need to think what I should do next because porting 64-bit to 32-bit seems just ridiculous and running an emulation 64-bit seems stupid. I’m going to port the software out of the container probably. That removes the portability, but most of the software within should be able to run natively.

so far,