Use qrcodes for wifi

A while ago I saw a nice Tweet on how to create QR codes from the command shell. There using the command qrencode.

This command can be used to display a WiFi Password. With an iPhone or Android (10) you’re able to scan QR code and connect to Wifi.It is more comfortable than entering the password on a phone.

The string that will be placed within the QRcode needs to follow a specific format, here is an example for this:

qrencode -o - 'WIFI:T:WPA;S:MyNetworkName;P:ThisIsMyPassword;; ' |display 

The command will generate the following QR code that can be used by a mobile device. Scanning it with the camera app will ask you to connect to the given Wifi:

Wifi qrcode

Scanning this with the phone will put the following display:

Android connect

Pretty neat, right?

so far,