Task Warrior Recurrence

Today this is going to be a short one:

I was fighting with my Task Warrior to create recurrence tasks. I’m using it for my daily habits. The problem seems at first to be setting recurrence.limit within the taskrc configuration file. Not sure what went wrong at first, because for days no new recurrence were created. Unti I read the the documentation again:

In this example one task instance is generated for the next due period. This is because the configuration setting recurrence.limit is set to 1, the default. If this number is increased to 2, then you would see the next 2 instances generated. Note that this only generates two steps into the future, without regard for whether those two instances are completed or not - don’t expect to complete the first task and see a new one pop up immediately.

Initially, I wanted to write about the problem, but just by blogging about this I solved the problem: I mixed up the until and the due date…gosh…thanks blogging, guess this works as a rubber duck debugging as well!

so far,