Fear of Publishing

As a follow up of my yesterdays post I’ve created a new mail account for this very blog: blog@akendo.eu for direct responses. Feel free to drop me a mail with some feedback!

So far I’ve avoided this matter for the reason that I think that it rather fosters spam than ‘real’ mails. Also, I’ve posted this posts on some reddit channel I kind of do not know what to think of to be honest. But I do not had so much experience with it so far and I’m willing to give it a try.

I’ve avoided sharing my post so far because I’m afraid. Afraid of a shitstrom, afraid of begin judged. Whenever I try to write something online this fear pops into our mind. I know why it’s there, I know that it does not represent the risk accurate, however, it is difficult to get over it. Opening up with more channels of communication just intensifies this.

Objective looking, there is no reason for any type of shitstorm whatsoever, instead it’s a availability bias that leads me to believe this could be a likely outcome. It relates to the fact that I’ve been on the internet so long and know to much about bad outcomes. Catastrophizing is a quite emotion response. Being paranoid does not help well with this emotion.

I guess this is how to grow, to confront yourself with one’s fears!

so far,