Hey happy new year everyone! I wishing everyone the best for the year of 2021! In this year I’m planing to participate in some sort of writing challenge called: #100DaysToOffload

It is a challenge to write hundred blog posts within a year and because I want to learn more about security and other stuff I thought I can learn everyday a bit and then post it?

The main goal is to have good habit of writing developed. So a flashpost with some hyperlinks in it would not count. This idea is a bit older and should not be seen as a new years revolution but instead of responsibility. A commitment that fits quite well into my time ‘schedule’ because, I’m at home until April. That around 90 days, but I’m certain that I will be able to write ten more post in the remaining days of the year.

It is not that I do not have much time to spare, however, taking the time of the day to write about something as a habit is a longer plan of mine. In the year that passed I failed to get one post each week out. Instead, I try to increase the burden by add some social feedback to this.

In general I dislike sharing my posts on social networks, however, it might be in this regards beneficial to me have another format of feedback? Disregards, let the writing begin!

so far,