Comment To a link

Normaly this link:‘Undermining Democracy - Schneier on Security’ would be just another link for my link drop, however, I like to add a thoughts to it: One of the key problems is that the Republicans have a very dichotomous thinking model - meaning to think in black and white terms. Leading to a collective narrative in which, whatever the democrats are doing is considered to be bad and only what the Republicans do is good.

We saw that behaviour in the Convid-19 responses in Congress regards to social benefits. Instead of prolonging them they remain stalled, because it would imply a bipartisan agreement to prolonge the benefits and be thefore be a compromise, which would be therefore a violation of the narrative of the Republican party.

For this very election the Republicans have decided that it is more important to consist to this narrative then the reality. And thanks to an abundant amount of misinformation it’s possible find effortless stories that fit into this view. Allowing to victimize them and break with norms of a democracy. The democrats did something similar four years ago, I fear only that the ramification a way worse this time. While the democrats rejected the presedict they still upholded the basic princiable of a election.

This all leads to a cycle of polarisation and a dividing of the sides. One teach back in higher school predicted (around 15 years ago) that the U.S is going to civial war within the next 20 years and I something fear that this prediction becomes true.