In the last days my main occupation was writing. Once a bit time was at hand I focused on getting something written, by hand or by the computer. For projects that mainly consist of written text, I needed to have some type bookish-like website with an easy to use interface.

Several years ago I read a CTF Field Guide from Dan Guido. He used GitBook to publish it. It uses markdown to render via some Node.js library to a website and can be used comfortably from the CLI. I used it for some other unrelated projects documentation and it was quite a catch.

And because I’m writing that much currently, I decided to re-use GitBook again. However, I’ve been a bit sadden to read the follow message on the project page on Github:

As the efforts of the GitBook team are focused on the platform, the CLI is no longer under active development. All content supported by the CLI are mostly supported by our / GitHub integration. Content hosted on the will continue working until further notice. For differences with the new vesion, check out our documentation.

Using a CLI is for me a essential part of the workflow and using it via some website is a no-go. Lucky, there is another project that does provide a similar feature as GitBook. It is called mdBook and was developed for the Rust book: ‘The Rust Programming Language’. As one can imaging, it was written in Rust. A language I prefer over any NodeJS one.

The installation is plain simple, install via cargo mdBook and you’re good go!

so far,