Some work about Privacy

During these days I have did some research in regards to privacy and reflected. This is done so I’m able to get a better view of this topic.

Privacy is something complex and one thing maybe very close to be foundation of our own freedom. There are four core elements to this:

The right to be left alone

This is from my point of view the most important part. The physical right to be left alone and to be away from others. While humans are social animals, it’s important to gather ourself by being alone, this is an essential value to come closer to ourselves.

A friend of mine did once said:

“We’re only truly ourself when we’re being alone. Everyone has a mask to carry in front of each other. Most of can’t not live without it.”

Discretion and Intimacy

When not being alone, we enjoy to be around people we like and we want to keep this relationships intimate. Often we think out loud in front of friends, maybe our parents, or coworkers. Often we would never say directly what is on our minds to not hurt them or maybe to protect ourself from harm.

We care for intimacy and discretion.


What should be open to the public, without reflecting back to us. Also, as an act of free speech, sometimes it’s necessary to remain nameless so we’re able to share our mind and ideas to others.

Also we understand the need for anonymity in a democratic system of voting.

Self determination information discloser

Diminish and control of data that is direct or indirect related to us.

What is the kind of information we care to reveal to others ? Maybe it is just limiting the possibilty of it’s usage. Corporations that we entrust with our bank data should keep it only for billing and should not forward it to someone else.

Yet our desire to be found and recognized for our work by others give us the need to be seen in public. Information we care to share and we think gives others interest in us.

At last

I like to highlight is this video of Glenn Gleenwald ‘:Why privacy matters’ cause he explain it very well:

so far Akendo

Edit: Thanks to crowbar for his help!