My Gentoo Mirror

The Idea

I wanted to give back something to the Gentoo Community for doing such a great job. Using Gentoo for some years did makes me happy. So how I can i give something back?

For this I’ll try to host a mirror of the gentoo emerge portage tree. I just updated the rsyncd service followed this documenation.(Warning its’ in German) The vps may not fit the requirements, but I give it a try.

I did send a request to the mirror admin, in the hope there adding my mirror the official list.

How to use

Adding this GENTOO_MIRRORS="rsync://" to my /etc/make.conf then run eix-sync. Here is output:

* Copying old database to /var/cache/eix/previous.eix
* Running emerge --sync
>>> Starting rsync with rsync://
>>> Checking server timestamp ...
This is a simple gentoo rsync mirror ( 


Linux Version 2.6.18-028stab091.2-ent, Compiled #1 SMP Fri Jun 3 01:00:01 MSD 2011
Four 2GHz Intel Pentium Xeon Processors, 2M RAM, 15960 Bogomips Total

receiving incremental file list


Awesome! I added a cronjob that will sync to the main mirror twice a hour. Maybe I add http(s) support someday.

so far 4k3nd0