Skypetab-ng on Gentoo

Published on 27.12.2011 - 00:00 - 1 minute read

A lots of people dislike the Skype Software but have to use it. Many of my coworkers and friends using Skype. However, the Skype GUI is quite free "feature" and does provide it difficulties to deal with it. Thanks to skypetab-ng it get at least some "usability".

I tried to run this by Hand, but for some reason the Compile wasn't able to create a 32-bit library.I just found a nice Overlay for  Skypetab-ng, thanks to the Gentoo Forum!
To work with the Overlay, just add the rion overlay to your system:
layman -a rion
All what's left to do is a eix-sync and just install with emerge skypetab-ng

Gentoo Forums Post about Skypetabs

Overlay Webpage for Skypetabs-ng
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